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The Warrior AE "Search continues" S1 new series

Sanchi woke up in an uncomfortable situation. He's stuck with two pirates that he doesn't know if he can trust. Sanchez, Julia, Chun, Boris, Emmanuel and El survived Derwitchi's execution but is hiding out deep in the Skull island's jungles. They still continue to look for one of their own, Sanchi. Meanwhile, Kane is also looking for them too. Luckily, Sanchi gave Malik and Danny his trust after they decided to keep him and not give him away to Kane.

Nighttime arrived. The crew went to bed, knowing that there's only going to be three of them for now. Sanchez gathered his weapon and a little source of supplies. Julia and Chun quickly arrived to their only ship. Chun were flying the ship. Sanchez right next to him and Julia were in the back of the ship, holding onto the hope she still got.
"Think we'll find him?" Chun asked.
Sanchez looked at Chun for a few seconds and shook his head, "They probably killed him...Kane's men"
Julia picked the location to search for Sanchi. She picked Scrimshaw. Both, Sanchez and Chun knew that there were no way of him being there, but they were out of choices.
"Here" Chun said.
Julia were the first one off. Running off the ship and started to roam around the area. Luckily, Sanchez and Chun managed to keep up. She ran into a small town and folks started to look at them.
"Have you guys seen someone named Sanchi?" Julia said, "Anyone?"
The crowd of gathered folks didn't answer her question. Sanchez went to handle things. The crowd began talking to each other. He pulled the trigger of his gun. Gunshot fired in the sky and shut everyone up.
"Please, we need help" Sanchez said, calming his self down.
The crowd of villagers started to give Sanchez weird looks. Which made everything worse. Sanchez started to get furious with them, but Chun pulled him away from the crowd. They wanted to leave, but Julia wanted to search here for Sanchi. She didn't know much, Sanchez thought.
"I don't know what to do anymore" Sanchez said, rubbing his own head. "All this stress...I can't handle it, I'm not meant to be a leader!"
Suddenly, someone walked up to Sanchez. He had his gun and knife out. He also had a determine look to kill them, "You three...need to leave, now"
"We just need answers" Julia said, "We're looking..."
The pirate aimed his gun at Chun's head and loaded it. It was obvious he made up his choice. Sanchez made the decision to just walk away and back to the ship.
"I'm sorry, it's too dark outside...during this time...we're attacked...ever since this mess started" The nervous man said.
Sanchez couldn't get what the man were saying. He just walked away and to their ship, Chun and Julia followed right behind them.

Danny couldn't see a lot, due to darkness, but he handled it well and still continued to fly the ship. Malik were sound asleep. Sanchi were still awake, sitting on his bed and thinking about his crew...and Julia. He couldn't think well because of Malik's snoring. Each detail he remembered of Julia, made him heart ache and his eyes water. He really missed her. Suddenly, Sanchi felt the ship stopping.
"Danny" Sanchi shouted.
Sanchi started to hear yelling from Danny. He shook his bed and got back on his bed, but his bed started to shake. He heard cannons going into the ship.
"Stop!" Danny cried.
Sanchi got back up and ran towards Danny. He opened the door up and saw Danny in a panic stage. He tried to steer the ship away from something. He tried to talk to Danny, but he kept yelling.
"What is going on?" Malik cried, opening the door.
Danny yelled at both of them, telling them to get away. None of them listened. They wanted answers and Danny started to spill them out.
"Idiots! They think we are armadas!" Danny said, "I'm trying to get away, but more of them are following us"
"Move, let me handle this" Sanchi said.
Danny didn't listen. Sanchi tried to tell Danny what he was doing wrong. He flew the ship straight. Sanchi had a little advice from an old friend on ships.
"Lemme try, please!" Sanchi said.
"Back away, I can handle this!" Danny said.
Malik noticed that there wasn't much of the ship left. He went to Sanchi's side and helped. He pulled Danny away from the wheel and Sanchi quickly hopped on.
"Calm down" Malik said.
Danny started to curse and yell, but Sanchi still kept his cool. He flew the ship left and turned all the way around. Then, he steered their ship closer to the others. Once he was close enough, he started to wave his hands. The pirates noticed him and stopped their cannons. Malik released Danny and he couldn't believe it, it was that simple.
"You pretty much saved us, I should of kept my cool" Danny said.
Sanchi smiled and went back to his bed. He fell to his bed and was asleep.

"Think they'll come back?" Emmanuel asked, "While they're gone...we should go out and look for Sanchi...he could be in these jungles"
Boris stared to agree with Emmanuel, "I've been seeing light, like from a fire...a lot happened couple nights of ago, when I was looking for fire wood"
Boris and Emmanuel were just around a small little fire. It was night, they didn't want to go look right now but they might as well before Sanchez return home. Both would rely on El Toro to protect their camp. Emmanuel went to look for him. He eventually found him in his tent, trying to sleep.
"Any luck?" El asked, turning on his other side.
"We're going to look for Sanchi...want you to protect the camp" Emmanuel said, "It'll only take one full night...we'll come back soon, maybe before Sanchez"
"What's the point anymore?" El laughed, "He is gone! Like the other warriors! Why can't any of you guys understand it? Pathetic!"
Emmanuel couldn't believe that El were the first one to lose hope, he always thought it would be Boris. He didn't know what to say. He just closed his tent and walked away. Meanwhile, El started to scream and throw stuff around his small tent.
"Boris" Emmanuel said, "Let's go, quick"
He walked pass Boris fast. Emmanuel wasn't happy, but he didn't give Boris the time to respond. Thou, Boris yelled, "Is El going to protect the camp?"

Sanchez, Julia and Chun walked back to the ship, empty handed. Julia started to cry more and it aggravated Sanchez, but he understood her reason to. They all started to lose hope.
"Maybe Boris might have more answers" Chun said, trying to revive hope.
Suddenly, Sanchez stopped them. He noticed something odd and dangerous. Two armadas' ships landing near the Scrimshaw's dock. Sanchez led them away from the docks and to hide. The armadas landed their ship right next to their's.
"Are those armadas?" Chun said.
Sanchez finally figured it out. Why the citizens of Scrimshaw seemed scared. Even the one who confronted them. Sanchez finally got it. They needed their help, but Chun wanted to leave with Julia. Sanchez couldn't let that happen. That's no who they are, he thought.
"Help!" Pirate cried out.
The armadas started to fire their weapons near the citizens. They didn't hit any of them, but that was the plan. The general of both of the armada groups got off the ship. General Mauck, cold blooded clockwork. He took Rooke's place. The general brought out his gun and started to make his speech towards them.
"We need this land...we do" He said, "Plus...we have a feeling that someone we're looking for is here...anyone wanna confess it?"
Sanchez, Julia and Chun were listening to Mauck's speech. They knew that this general were looking for them...and Sanchi. Sanchez or anyone else knew what he had in store for these innocent folks. Suddenly, Mauck started to laugh.
"No one knows?" Mauck said, firing his weapon.
All the innocent pirates of Scrimshaw started to scream. They tried to run, but Mauck's men were right behind them.
"Oh, this is going to be a great time for all of us" Mauck said, smiling.

Sanchi were sound asleep. It was the first time in awhile he rested..feeling safe, but he still deeply missed his crew. Suddenly, he woke up from Danny calling his name. "Sanchi"
Rubbing his eyes, he slowly got up and yawned. It was still dark outside, he noticed.
"Look over there" Danny said, "Armadas are at Scrimshaw"
Sanchi squinted his eyes and looked at Scrimshaw. He saw a general giving a speech to the scared citizens, with armadas behind the innocent ones. Sanchi deeply felt bad for all of them.
"Could we do anything to help them?" Malik asked.
Sanchi remembered Scrimshaw. The beginning of his adventure with Sanchez, Chun and Moresco. It was long ago, he remembered.
"They could easily take us out" Sanchi said, "But they can't if we fire couple of cannons and fly far away from them"
"Fleeing? If we fire at them than we'll have to finish the job" Danny pointed out.
Malik ran to the side of the ship, where the cannons are located. He placed two cannon balls in the two little cannons. Sanchi lit the string, covering his ears.
"Ready?" Malik said.
Boom! Two cannons fired at Scrimshaw, blowing up one of the buildings, causing the debris to fall on some of the armadas.
"Oh!" Danny said, steering the ship away from Scrimshaw.

"I don't wanna hurt any of you" Mauck said, laughing.
All the citzens were still silent. They didn't know what Mauck were talking about, but of them started to confess.
"Three strangers came to us! They were asking us for someone" He said.
The general smiled. Then, he signaled for his men to bring him up and they did. He looked at the pirate. General patted his back. Then, he fired a shot in his head, executing him.
"Oh no" Chun said, turning away.
All the citizens started to scream and cry. Julia and Chun both looked away from the scene. Meanwhile, Sanchez watched. He closed his eyes for a second and heard a explosion. He quickly opened his eyes up and saw debris falling on armadas. Sanchez looked out in the distance and saw another armada ship flying away.
"Who did that?" Mauck cried.
Dust was everywhere. Some of them couldn't even see anything, mainly the armadas and Sanchez knew that this was his chance. He quickly jumped in the open with his gun. He fired his armadas. He took out five armadas in just a few seconds. None of them knew who were doing it, but Mauck did. The general started to shoot at Sanchez and Sanchez fired back.
"Come back! You're the one I am looking for!" Mauck cried out.
Sanchez fired two shots and hit Mauck in his leg and arm, causing him to fall to the ground. He quickly gathered Chun and Julia, all three of them ran towards their ship. They managed to escape Scrimshaw. Sanchez felt a little guilty, leaving the citizens with armadas, but he had too.

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