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The Warrior "Safe travels" S1 AE

Sanchez, El Toro, Wing Chun and Julia Carthy are last at the camp. The search starts for Boris and Emmanuel after being kidnapped by armadas. Sanchi and Malik starts to bond with each other, until Mauck finds them at Cooper's Roost and take them. Danny followed the armada's ship and tried to rescue them, but his ship went crashing into the jungles. Sanchez and El starts to have trouble after finding Danny and doesn't know what to do with him, unaware about him being with Sanchi.

Everything was black. Sanchi felt Malik lying right next to him, also tied up too. He heard talking that sounded like Mauck and laughter that sounded like dozen of armadas. He felt movement, knowing that they're still traveling on the ship.
"Shall we kill the darker skin fellow?" Armada said, referring to Malik.
Suddenly, Sanchi felt Malik shaking in fear. But, silence filled the room and Sanchi started to hear footsteps. Each step got louder and louder, he heard the boots pressing on the wooden floors. All of a sudden, it stopped and Sanchi saw light and the room. His blindfold was lifted.
"Eat something, boss doesn't want you dead" Mauck said, jamming food in his mouth.
He hated the foot. The moldy, gray and green food. He quickly spit all the food out of his mouth as his blindfold covered his eyes again and he resumed to hear armadas.
"Hey" Sanchi whispered, "Malik, everything gonna be okay...I mean you saved my butt. I need to return the favor"
"We're running out of time" Malik replied back.
Suddenly, they felt the ship turning in directions and leaning. Then they heard Mauck, "Have you been drinking? I swear the clockworks are much better but more expensive!"
"If their stupidity doesn't kill us, then you better come up with a plan" Malik said.

Finally, Sanchez and El returned back to the camp, without Boris or Emmanuel. Chun was first to notice something strange.
"Sanchez...who's that?" Chun said.
El slowly placed him on the ground and soaked a cloth in the pond and placed it on his forehead and rushed to them. Anxious to tell the story.
"Well, this man obviously crashed his ship and overreacted" El said.
"What do you mean...overreacting?" Chun said.
El quickly grabbed Sanchez's arm and lifted it, revealing his deep bite mark from Danny. Also the busted lip was a dead giveaway.
"Wow, must of been a he asleep?" Chun asked.
"Uh...not see, Sanchez kinda went chicken boxer on him and knocked him out" El said.
Suddenly, they heard a moan and turned around, Danny was awaking up. He blinked his eyes a couple of times. But, in a few moments he turned his face right into Sanchez's gun.
"Leave me alone...please!" Danny cried, "My friends are missing! They were stolen from the armadas!"
"Well, we lost a couple of our friends too...two of them was from the armadas" Sanchez said.
Suddenly, Danny pushed Sanchez's gun away from him and quickly got up. El tried to grab him, but he elbowed him right in his face. Danny started to run from them.
"Not again!" Sanchez said, running after him.
Danny was going full speed, trying to get rid of Sanchez, but he was right on his tracks. Sanchez were getting close, but Danny took a sharp left and Sanchez also ran into a tree. Suddenly, Danny was about of his sight.
"Where did he go?" Sanchez said, holding to his gun tight,
Sanchez took slow footsteps, trying to hear anything. He started to have feelings that he was far gone.
"He got away!" Sanchez said, punching a tree.
Sanchez started to walk back to his camp. But, Danny jumped off a tree. Falling on top of Sanchez and started to punch him.
"Stop!" Sanchez said, blocking some of his punches.
Sanchez quickly pushed him off and started to kick the stranger. Danny got back up and grabbed Sanchez's leg and threw him into a tree, hurting his back. He held Sanchez against a tree and started to punch him. Only way to escape was to shoot him.
"You're an enemy!" Danny said, "Where's my friends?"
Boom! Sanchez shot Danny in his leg, causing him to stop punching him. But Danny quickly ran away from him, blood dripping from his leg.
"Great!" Sanchez said, throwing his gun on the ground.

"Are you even capable of flying this wooden ship?" Mauck said.
"I'll be fine" He yelled.
Suddenly, Sanchi felt the ship stop. He knew they were at a dock. Sanchi heard Mauck calling all his man off the ship and to the bar. Mauck made sure Sanchi and Malik were tied up.
"T-t-this is our chance" Malik said, "Help me get this blindfold off!"
Sanchi started to rub his head on the wall, trying to release the blindfold. Each time, he could see a little light each time and finally the blindfold came off. Malik copied him and got his off too.
"Okay, now what? Our hands and feet are tied up" Sanchi said.
Sanchi suddenly saw a idea on Malik's face, "Well, this might be a little weird...but...bite the rope off"
"Pretty sure I can't do that" Sanchi said.
"Well...We're done" Malik said, "They're going to execute us...we're just innocent, too"
But Sanchi knew that wasn't true. He knew that Malik was only innocent and believed that they'll just kill him, "You're the only innocent one...I'm being hunted and y'all probably knew that"
"Where's ye blindfold?" Slim, one of Mauck's men said.
Slim started to walk towards Sanchi, which made him grin. Slim kicked Sanchi in his stomach and bend over and grabbed the blindfold. Sanchi knew that this was his chance. He quickly headbutted Slim, causing him to hit the ground and Sanchi lifted his self up.
"What the?" Slim said, feeling his head.
Sanchi kicked him over and over again, but it quickly ended as Slim grabbed his leg and pulled him on the ground. Slim without thinking got on top of Sanchi and started to punch him in his face. One punch, two punch, three...four...five he quickly lost count.
"Ye messing with the wrong one!" Slim said, punching him one last time.
Slim got back on his feet, looking at Sanchi trying to get back up. He laughed and kicked him back to the ground.
"I'm going to get Mauck!" Slim said
Mauck grabbed Sanchi's blindfold and walked back towards him, with a grin on his face. Sanchi tried to wiggle his self back up, but he became so weak from the beaten.
"Mauck is going to be furious!" Slim said.
Suddenly, a body flew into Slim and knocked him into the wall, knocking him out. The person was Malik (Still tied up).
"Nice hit!" Sanchi said.
"I don't know how I managed it, but I did" Malik said, untying his self.
Malik helped Sanchi get loose and the two started to move. Malik steered Mauck's ship away from the docks and into the skyways, eventually crashing into other ships.
"Sir!" One of Mauck's men cried.
"What is" Mauck said, feeling drunk.
When he got to his self, his eyes widen. He threw his drink on the ground and pulled his weapon out.
"They escaped! My ship is gone! Find!" Mauck said.

Few hours later Sanchez finally arrived back to the camp, with blood all over him with bruises. Julia quickly rushed him with first aids. Chun and El eventually arrived, after hearing Julia screaming.
"Who attacked you?" Julia asked, cleaning the blood off his face.
"That..." He stopped as Julia continued to wipe his face, "Man, that stranger..he attacked...quit Julia, please!"
El Toro quickly pulled his sword out and started to walk towards the jungles, but Sanchez managed to stop him. He wanted to find Danny by his self.
"I'm going to find him, alone. Something is up with he seen something" Sanchez said, rubbing his head.
"Foolish choice...I mean...I am the great masked warrior! I can help!" El bragged.
"He's weak, I gave him a couple of hits and I shot his leg, plus I need Chun with me" Sanchez said.
Whoosh! Sanchez heard leafs crumbling and noticed bushes moving, he felt like they were being watched. "Shhhh!"
He pulled out his pistol and aimed his gun at the bushes. With a serious look on his face, he slowly walked towards the area. El felt danger too as he pulled his sword out. He also assisted that Julia and Chun to go back to their tents, but Julia was the only one.
"Come out, or I'll fire multiple shots into this bush!" Sanchez said, loading his gun.
"It could be the wind" Chun said, walking towards Sanchez.
Suddenly, Sanchez saw Danny jumping out of the bushes and grabbed Chun. He placed his blade on Chun's knife, backing away from Sanchez and El.
"Woah, l-l-let him go...he's innocent!" Sanchez said.
El Toro started to walk towards Danny, Sanchez had to think of something.
"I advise you to release him!" El said
"Or what!" Danny said, "I need a ship and I want it now!"
Boom! Sanchez and the rest heard a gunshot fired. Danny released Chun and dropped to the ground, unconscious. They slowly turned around and saw Julia, holding a gun. Chun and El ran towards Julia to make sure she's okay, but Sanchez went to check on Danny. Julia hit him in his shoulder, he'll need serious medical attention Sanchez thought.
"Guys, open up my tent....I need this guy alive" Sanchez said.

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