Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Warrior "Truth unfolds" S1 AE

Danny crashes his ship near Sanchez and the rest's camp. Sanchez went to go check it out and meeting Danny for the first time, but unaware with his friendship with Sanchi. The lone pirate begins to freak out and runs, losing them. Resulting in Julia shooting Danny, but Sanchez demands to give him medical attention. Meanwhile, Sanchi and Malik are stuck on Mauck's ship, while him and his men get a drink. Sanchi and Malik both teamed up to take out Slim (One of Mauck's men) and crashed his ship. Now, Sanchez must finds out of truth from Danny and Sanchi needs a getaway plan. Though, Boris and Emmanuel are still in the armadas' hands.

Bam! One punch from Deacon, resulting in him falling to the ground, but his men picked him right back up. Another hard punch from him. He slowly opened his eyes back up, as Deacon throws him into a stone cold hard wall.
"I don't need you" Deacon said, "In my opinion, you're completely useless and I don't mind how many punches I give you from between today and since you been here...I will find more answers. Now,"
Bam! Another hard punch, and slowly his eyes closed again. Deacon's men picked the pirate up and held him for Deacon. He slowly grabbed his face and stared at him dead in the eyes.
"Are you going to tell me...Emmanuel?" Deacon said, smiling.
Emmanuel didn't answer, instead he just laughed back at him and calmly said, "You won't find them...and by the time you get there, they'll be long gone"
Deacon laughed and shook his head, signaling his men to release him. His men dropped him straight to the ground. Emmanuel started to have a hard time trying to stay alive.
"You could be right, I been with them for how long? A year now? The armadas' takeover been lasting for a few months now" Deacon said.
"For...for still got me...Boris, Sanchi, Sanchez, Chun, El Toro, Julia and Avery!" Emmanuel said.
Deacon started to laugh as he clapped his hands, loud. He started to walk around the small, cold, dark room for a few minutes, laughing. But, when he got near Emmanuel, he dropped to the ground, with his gun and pointed it at Emmanuel's head.
"I can end you and worry about a few more! I can also kill Boris, too!" Deacon said, "Avery isn't a challenge and I am positive that two senators are no match for me!"
Emmanuel smiled, after spitting blood out of his mouth, "You can take me out right now, I'm not telling you nothing! You failed this time and Kane will start look for someone new!"
Suddenly, the door opened up and three of armadas came and threw someone to the ground. The someone was Boris, he knew from his peg leg.
"This is going to be fun" Deacon said.

"You really want this guy in our camp site? This is where we sleep! There's only four of us now...the rest are..."
Sanchez stopped Chun by slapping him, "Don't you say that they're dead...because they're not!"
"I was going to say missing! How's is this crazy fellow going to help us find any of them?" Wing Chun said, placing a wet towel on Danny's forehead.
It was just Sanchez, Wing Chun and El Toro outside of the tent. Waiting for Julia to finish of Danny. Sanchez was the only one to want him to be fine. Meanwhile, the others didn't approve of this.
"Just explain to me...."
"Quiet Chun! I'm getting tired of this, quit worrying!" Sanchez said, moving him away from the tent.
"Listen Sanchez, I've known you for a long time and I noticed a few didn't change when we met Sanchi and Moresco...don't change now" Chun said, walking away.
"Times changed! I need answers from this guy! We've already lost enough people!" Sanchez yelled.
Sanchez knew that Chun didn't hear him. He raised his head up and looked at El. Sanchez smiled at him, but he just gave him a nasty look.
"We're trying to keep all of us safe, not bring some crazy dude here...Sanchi was our true leader...true defender, you're not!" El said, walking away.
Sanchez felt like nothing was going his way...he felt like everyone was started to hate him. He need to place actions in his own hands.
"Hey, this guy will be fine...just needs some rest...I don't really know why you want him...he's dangerous" Julia said.
 Sanchez quickly thought of a new plan, "I understand...I'll get rid of him, tonight".

Armadas all around the area. General Mauck..angry as can be is losing his mind. Sanchi and Malik managed to escape, but are still on the same island as their enemies.
"Did we really do that...We killed one of Mauck's men!" Malik said.
Both of the two, slowly sliding past drunken strangers. Trying to avoid Mauck and his men. Sanchi heard Mauck's screaming and firing random gunshots.
"They're still here! I want all these ships here out! Check each of them, too!" General Mauck said.
Sanchi knew that they wouldn't be able to get on any of the ships. He also knew that they'd be out of time soon. He had to think of something.
"What are we going to do?" Malik asked.
"I don't know...but we better think of!" Sanchi said.
Most of Mauck's men were in other pirate's ships, looking for any clues, but they knew others close by. He heard them arguing with drunk pirates. Malik quickly stuck his head up to see who's arguing and one of Mauck's men spotted him.
"Uh...sir, I think I've found them" He said.
"What? Where? Men!" Mauck said, pulling his guns out.
Suddenly, Mauck and his men started to shoot in a crowd, killing a couple but Malik and Sanchi managed to run from it.
"They're trying to get away!" Mauck said, "Follow them, now!"
Sanchi and Malik quickly ran into the crowded bar, trying to sink into the crowd. That plan didn't work, the general managed to spot Sanchi.
"Get him!" Mauck said.
Sanchez finally thought of a plan. "Malik get up and run that way, you'll attract his men towards you and I'll handle the general!"
Malik quickly got up and started to run towards the exit. Mauck commanded his remaining men to get him. He wanted Sanchi for his self.
"Sanchi...where are..."
Sanchi quickly tackled Mauck to the ground and punched him twice in his face. He went for another punch, but Mauck bite his pointed finger, causing Sanchi to jump back. The general quickly kicked him off. This was his chance. While Sanchi was on the ground, Mauck tried to find his gun. Luckily, Sanchi grabbed Mauck by his leg and pulled him towards him. Mauck quickly grabbed a bottle of Yum-Yum and slammed the bottle on Sanchi's head, causing him to hit the hard ground. He tried to get up, but Mauck pointed his gun at him.
"Nice try" Mauck said.
Suddenly, his men opened the doors up and threw Malik on the ground, "Sir, we got him".
"You gotta be kidding me" Malik said.

Nighttime finally arrived. Wing Chun and El Toro didn't speak to Sanchez at all, still upset. He knew this was his only option. Executing Danny. He picked up his unconscious body and headed away from the campsite. He tried his best to think of other things, but couldn't see a danger person around his family. He finally found his spot and dropped Danny on the ground.
"I'm sorry, nothing like this can work out" Sanchez said, pointing his gun at Danny.
Suddenly, Danny's eyes opened up and he started to back away from Sanchez and screamed at him.
"Don't do that, please...please...I just need to get out of here!" Danny said.
"You're dangerous! You tried to kill me and my companion" Sanchez said, loading his gun.
Danny raised his hands up, trying to cause no harms, "Please...I'm just trying to rescue my friends...Armadas...armadas took them! Please, please, please don't shoot me! It's hard to trust anybody ever since this armada takeover"
Sanchez started to become curious and lowered his gun. He wanted to know more about his friends, knowing that he's dealing with the same issue.
"Tell me more" Sanchez said, "What's their names?"
"Uh...why...why so you can kill them?" Danny said, "Just help me!"
Sanchez calmly tossed his gun away from them. He wanted to talk and figure things out with him, "All ears, armadas stole two of my"
"We were at Cooper's Roost, hiding from the armadas...I went to get ready for bed, but heard all this yelling and noises. I went outside and these armadas just took my two friends. I quickly got into a random ship and followed them, but they took me out and I crashed here..Also..."
"Stop, stop...what's their names?" Sanchez asked.
"Malik and...Sanchong or Sanchi, they're trying to hunt him" Danny said.
Suddenly, Sanchez freaked out. He ran towards his gun and aimed it at Danny and loaded it, "Sanchi? Did you say Sanchi!"
"Yes...yes...why?" Danny said.
Sanchez lowered his gun and looked back at his campsite, "Listen up, we're going to rescue your friends"

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