Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Warrior "Cell block B" S1 AE

Sanchez, Chun and Julia returned home safe, but no luck for finding Sanchi. But unexpected, Boris and Emmanuel goes out to look for clues. Only clue they find were a footprint, thinking that others are near. Then, troggys attacked Boris and Emmanuel, but Sanchez found and helped them. Sadly, it wasn't enough. Deacon found the two helpless pirates and kidnapped them. Now, the crew has more issues. Sanchi, Boris, and Emmanuel are not found and Deacon knows that they're still out there.

Group of armadas threw Boris and Emmanuel into a dark, cold, small room. Both of the two hit the ground hard, "Stay there".
Emmanuel slowly raised his head, to look around the room. All he saw were other prisoners in corners, small lights shining in from the bars, and crying from others. He lifted his self up and looked at the armadas closing the door. Emmanuel ran towards the bars and started to pull on them, yelling at the armadas (demanding them to let him go). The armadas laughed.
"There's no use...most of us been here for months"
Emmanuel turned around and looked at his friend. He were weak from escaping the troggys. Emmanuel looked at other prisoners, then he fell to the ground.
Emmanuel were half awake, hearing prisoners talking, "This cell block is getting full! Why are the armadas doing this to us? Deacon and Mauck are cold monsters!"
Suddenly, the cell door opened up wide. General Mauck was still with six armadas. The six of them picked up Boris and dragged him out. All Emmanuel could do from there was watch.
"We need answers" Emmanuel heard Mauck stating.

Sanchi placed a map on the ground and flattened it out. They've landed on Cooper Roost. Malik and Danny went into the town. Malik had an idea when he noticed nurse Quinn walking around.
"Maybe she can check your scar" Malik suggested.
Sanchi ignored him. He were looking around the map. Trying to look for a new location to live in. The three also needed a brand new ship.
"We could just steal a ship" Malik said.
"We aren't like that" Danny said, "Just because Sanchi is with us, doesn't mean we'll change"
Sanchi didn't listen to Malik and Danny's argument. He were tired like the other two. He needed to think of something soon. He finally decided to stay put at Cooper's Roost.
"Shut it, we'll going to rent a house. No clue how long, but I am exhausted" Sanchi said, looking out.
It was obviously about to be nighttime and everyone knew. Danny went to the town to negotiate prices for a room.
"I don't know how long we're staying" Danny said, "But, we also need a ship, too"
The owner with his fat cheeks gave Danny a look, but Danny dropped a pouch of coins on his desk. The old man opened it up.
"Well, ye got enough alright" He said, "I'll give you three days"
The three of them went into their room. Dropping their items and falling on the uncomfortable bed. It was finally nighttime and Danny were first one out.

"Bring him in" Deacon said.
Boris eyes were wide open. Scared too death as the armadas dragged him into a small little room, with Deacon and general Mauck in it. The armadas placed Boris on a chair and strapped him to it, to make sure he doesn't escape. Sweat dripping from Boris's face, he didn't know what to do. Then, the armadas locked the door and left him with Mauck and Deacon.
"You managed to survive...impressive" Deacon said.
Boris quickly jumped to the case, "Listen to me! I wouldn't even tell you the perimeter of Skull island if you made me! I'm not telling you anything so just give up! I'm not going to give up their location"
Deacon clapped, "Wow, you knew what we wanted...I am surprise"
Boris looked at Mauck and noticed that he was looking at him, giving him a scary look. But, Boris did not budge. He felt like a hero, standing up for his self.
" should know we aren't that easy going" Deacon said, standing up.
Deacon started to walk around the room. Making Boris more suspicious. He started to shake the chair, trying to get loose. Suddenly, Boris felt a knock on his head and he fell down, still tied up.
"Are we going to talk now?" Deacon said, picking him back up.
Boris kept his mouth shut. He planned on not letting go, but Deacon still had more to come. He turned Boris around and looked at him, face to face, "Where's Sanchez, Julia and Chun?"
He turned his head away from Deacon. Not answering his question.
"Alright, fine with me...I'll make you talk" Deacon said.
Bam! Deacon punched Boris's face over and over again. Boris spit out blood, still not talking to Deacon.
"I'm not telling you anything!" Boris said.
Deacon knew that it'll be bad to kill Boris. He needed to keep Boris alive. Deacon pulled his knife out, trying to scare Boris to break out their location.
"Let's try something new" Deacon said.
Deacon unstrapped Boris's right arm and placed it on the table. Then he got Mauck to hold it there. Deacon brought out a metal pipe and slammed it on Boris's hand. Boris screamed loud, but still kept his secret. Deacon got angry and struck Boris in the face with the pipe.
"Take him back, we'll need to get the other one" Deacon said.

Emmanuel heard the cell door opening up. He quickly got up, to see if Boris still alive. Armadas threw Boris to the ground and he started to cough up blood.
"Who did this?" Emmanuel said, giving sympathy.
"Deacon...he tortured me, they're coming to get you...Mauck will try to break you...but listen to me!" Boris said, breathing hard. "Don't let them break you, you're stronger than me and can handle them"
"Hey you!" Mauck said, pointing at Emmanuel, "Come with me."
Emmanuel started to laugh, "You won't break there's no use!"
Mauck gave Emmanuel a strange smile. He doubted Emmanuel's statement, "Oh, you're in for a rude awakening"
Three of Mauck's men entered the cell, knocking over other prisoners to get to Emmanuel. Two of them grabbed him by his legs and the other one grabbed his head. They carried him out. Last thing everyone heard was Mauck's laugh.
"Place him on the chair" Mauck said, slamming the door.
The three men managed to hold Emmanuel down and tied up his arms, making it difficult for him to escape, but that's what they wanted.
"Where's Sanchi?" Mauck said, "I'm asking you nicely, you wouldn't wanna see my dark side"
Emmanuel started to laugh, "I know how you monsters handle things! It's not a democracy anymore!"
"It never was, you fool!" Mauck said, "Things aren't different, the warriors were just in Derwitchi's game! But, don't be mad...we already found his body...dead"
Mauck demanded for his men to exit the room. He wanted to handle his self.
"Now, I'm going to ask you calmly and politely...where's Sanchi?" Mauck said.
Emmanuel didn't reply. He looked away from Mauck. He didn't want to look at him in his eyes, but the general grabbed his face and pulled it in front of his face. He demanded for an answer, but he still didn't get one.
"Come on now, let's be real here" Mauck said, pushing Emmanuel and the chair to the floor.
Mauck pulled out his pistol and pointed it at Emmanuel, "Where's Sanchi!"
Emmanuel started to laugh, with a huge grin on his mouth. He wanted Mauck to do it, he stopped caring anymore. "Do it! End my pain!"
Mauck placed his weapon back in his holder and shook his head, "My men will be coming for you, I'll talk more"

Night was coming. Sanchi, Danny and Malik unpacked their bags. Getting use to their home or trying to. Sanchi couldn't get use to any homes. He wanted to go home, back to Skull island. He wished it was all a dream. The betrayal, execution of the warriors and his crew disappearance.
"These beds are...awful! I mean who created these beds?" Malik complained.
Danny was walking by Sanchi. Danny had bags in both of his hands.
"Look out" Danny said.
Suddenly, Danny bumped into Sanchi, causing him to drop his bags. Sanchi apologized, Danny luckily accepted it and went out.

"Sir" general Mauck said, dropping papers on Deacon's table.
Deacon glanced at the written work. Looking over the information on Boris and Emmanuel, this all impressed him.
"Cooper's Roost" Mauck said.
"What" Deacon said.
"Sanchi is hiding out on Cooper's Roost, small town" Mauck said.
"They could be lying" Deacon said.
"Could be, that's why if Sanchi's not there...I'll execute Emmanuel" Mauck said, "Boris is guessing...but there is a ten percent chance"

It was late at night on Cooper's Roost. Sanchi was still awake, lying in his bed. Thinking about the past and his crew. Sanchi couldn't sleep and he didn't like lying around, bored. He quickly got out of his bed and quietly stepped outside, trying to get fresh air.
"I'm sorry, my Julia" Sanchi said to his self, looking out of the sky.
Sanchi thought he saw Julia's face in the dark sky. He missed her so much.
"Can't sleep?" Malik said, scaring Sanchi.
"Yep" Sanchi said, "Needed fresh air".
Malik smiled and patted Sanchi on his back. He wasn't use to being with Malik, but he wanted to bond with Sanchi and had a feeling that this was the perfect time.
"Yeah...I understand" Malik said.
Suddenly, their conversation ended. They heard noises, but noticed that nothing were around them. Sanchi became worried. He looked around the area and saw nothing, but still heard noises.
"I don't see anyone?" Malik said.
Armadas rose out of bushes. General Mauck was first to talk to them. Dozen of armadas were around the two. Danny heard the noises and looked out of the window, surprised he started to look for their weapons.
"Don't make a sound or don't even move" General Mauck said.
"Who are you!" Malik said.
Mauck's men pointed their guns at Malik, loading them and ready to fire. He shut his mouth and remained silent.
"Two of your own ratted you out" General Mauck said, looking at Sanchi.
"I'm sorry...what?" Sanchi said.
He didn't know how he felt, happy that some of his crew are alive or worried that they have some of his crew members, "Who?".
"Two young fellows" Mauck said, grinning at Sanchi.
Sanchi felt dead a little inside, "Boris and Emmit?"
Mauck and his men got closer to them, advising them to come with them. Sanchi and Malik, whose empty-handed went with them.

"Hey!" Danny said, firing his gun into Mauck's ship.
Danny quickly ran to some pirate's ship and pushed the pirate away. Stealing his ship.
"Someone is fighting back?" Mauck said, "Fire back!"
Danny were flying the ship and firing cannons, which was impressive. He kept a trail on them and followed them for an while.
"Come back with my crew!" Danny cried.
Meanwhile, Mauck commanded his men to fire back. Mauck steered the ship in perfect position to fire cannons at Danny's ship. Chunks of the ship started to fly off.
"Oh no" Danny said to his self, losing control of the ship.
Boom! More chunks of the ship started to fall off. Danny quickly lost control of the ship. Danny started to steer near the Skull island jungle.
"Going down!" Danny said.
Boom! The ship collided into trees and Danny crashed into jungles. Leaving behind loud noises and smoke. Mauck and his men started to cheer.
"That might of been that Sanchez fellow!" Mauck said, "He's gone!"

Boom! Sanchez heard the explosion and quickly pulled out his gun. He started to hope it was actually Boris and Emmanuel causing destruction.
"Chun, El, Julia!" Sanchez yelled.
Sanchez looked up and saw smoke in the jungles and trees falling down. He knew there was a crash. He started to have a feeling that he was close, passing fallen limbs.
"What was that?" El said, only one who showed up.
Sanchez already saw the crashed ship from a distant. He ran to it and El followed behind, acting curious.
"Either he's drunk or someone tried to kill him" El said.
"Could be a female, might even be one of ours" Sanchez said, going inside the ship.
El waited outside of the crashed ship, waiting for if Sanchez needed any help.
"Found someone!" Sanchez said, pulling the individual out, "Not a female or a companion"
The pirate was Danny. He quickly woke up and had a feeling that he was being held by armadas.
"Get away!" Danny cried, biting Sanchez's arm.
Sanchez jumped back and dropped him. Danny quickly turned around and punched Sanchez in his jaw, knocking him to the ground.
"You little..."
Quickly, El got behind Danny, kick the back of his leg and lined his sword up on his throat. Danny quickly stopped, but started to get real nervous.
"You're not armadas?" Danny said, raising his hands up.
"Nope, but we know you're an idiot!" El said.
Sanchez didn't say a word. Instead he got up, wiped the blood off his mouth and walked towards Danny. When Sanchez arrived, he punched Danny. He fell to the ground, knocked out.
"Get him to the camp" Sanchez said.

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