Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Warrior #4 Trouble

"What" Sanchi said as he walks over to Sanchez
"Footprints, Doesn't look like Shiruku or Wun" Sanchez said
"Yes they are small foot prints" Sanchi said
Sanchi looked at them more closely and knew it was Moresco's
"We can go follow the tracks" Sanchez suggested
They followed the foot prints and it led them to a dock. Sanchez looked everywhere there was TONS of people there. Half Pirates and companions. Sanchez had a idea.
"Whoever has the name Moresco please come to the stairs of the docks" Sanchez cried
And 35 people came up to Sanchez & Sanchi.
"Great idea" Sanchi said
Sanchi looked around and saw a red flying man in armor and he shouted "Moresco!" And ran toward him
And the little creature ran too.
"Sanchi" Sanchez cried
It was a chase, This mysterious person starts to run when Sanchi cries Moresco. He knew who he was.
"Moresco" Sanchi said as he runs to catch up.
But he couldn't still catch up he looks around for a idea and saw ropes. He grabbed a long rope and swing toward the mysterious person
"Gotcha" Sanchi said as he pulls him back
Right when he pulled the person toward him he started to scratch
"Ahhh" Sanchi cried
And Sanchez heard the cry and saw it. He started to laugh but at the same time he pulled out his gun and pointed toward him
"Freeze, I have 6 bullets left not afraid to have 5" Sanchez said
He stopped and Sanchi flipped him over
"And Sanchez" Sanchez joked
"I thought you were the armada hunting for me. I heard some wrack jobs attacked the armadas last night" Moresco said.
"Oh really" Sanchez said looking at Sanchi
"So great to see you" Moresco said
"During the crash I was knocked out but some nice person found me and took me to their's shelter I think his name was..."
"Moresco, My pet" Marty cried
"Yeah, Um him" Moresco said
Sanchi looked at Marty with a disgusted glance and walked toward him.
"Bad misunderstanding, He's my pet thank you for taking care of him" Sanchez said
"He's my pet" Marty said
"Wanna fight for him"
Marty backed down.
"Boys" Devon cried
"I found my crew, Now I just need a ship found any?" Sanchi asked
"Oh yes I did, I bet my foot on the ship" Devon said
"Wonderful, Luckily you got us a ship and you kept your leg" Sanchez cried
"Yeah not exactly" Devon said, Looking at his new wooden leg
"Take me to the ship" Sanchi said ignoring Sanchez's comment
"It's not far from here, Follow me" Devon said
"When you go to your adventure and when you get a chance to the Armada's jail, Please look for me wife" Devon said
"Will do" Sanchi said.
Sanchez was ignoring the whole entire conversation as they walked. He knew Sanchi got lucky with Moresco alive but what about him? Where is Wing Chun? Where is Shiruku Neko? Are they really dead? Those thoughts trample in his mind and couldn't leave.
"Traitor, Traitor destroy him" A armada voice like said
POW! Gun shots fired. It sounds like a battle.
"I have to go check this out" Sanchez said and ran to the noise. Sanchi and the rest followed.
And there he was Wing Chun treasing  4 armadas
"Have to help him" Sanchez said, Pulling out his gun
Boom! Sanchez shot a fire and hit a armada and Sanchi took out 2 armadas and Moresco took care of the last one. Wing Chun turned around and his eyes widen
"I thought you guys were...dead" He said
"Where Shiruku?" Sanchez asked
"Oh yes..Shiruku" Chun said
"She did not survived" Chun said

This was a devastated moment for Sanchez & Chun. Sanchi & Moresco really didn't know them that good. But both knew that they won't have to worry about Sanchez anymore.
"A-a-are you sure" Sanchez asked, He was for sure devastated.
Sanchi and Moresco didn't say anything but they looked at each other, Sanchi moved his head which means to tell them
"We got a ship, Well....Sanchi & Moresco" Moresco said
"Yes you can stay here, Become what you want to become" Sanchi said, Couldn't find anything good to say.
"We can't stay here the armadas know what we have done" Sanchez said "Just add additional two people to your crew" Sanchez suggested
"No thanks" Sanchi said, Walking away but then seconds later 3 armadas came out, Knocking Sanchi down and snatching his sword.
"Fr....F...Freeze" Armada captain said
This armada doesn't seem like any other, He was tall and looks buff and he had a cape
"I am Rooke, Armada captain" Rooke said
"Won't K-k-Kane be......proud of me" Rooke said
"We...We know how this...W-w-work" Rooke said, Pointing his weapon at Sanchi
"D-d-drop the weapons" Rooke said
"We want these fo....four you....three other pirates....leave" Rooke said, Talking to Devon, Marty and Lambon.
"These Pirates are innocent, Leave them now ye rusty scumbags took my wife, Ye not taking this gentlemans" Devon said, Pulling out his gun
Rooke started to laugh and walked toward Devon "Foolish pirate, Stay back" Rooke said. Tossing him out of his way.
"M...men check their's pockets they could have a weapon and.....after...after that take them to the ship" Rooke said
"Moresco dislike you, Stupid little puppet" Moresco said
"P...Put something to shut this pet...up" Rooke teased.
The armadas took the four of them- Sanchi, Sanchez, Chun and Moresco to the armada ship.
"We can take them to the small prison" Rooke said
Sanchez thought about what Devon said. His wife in prison but she was captured by Rooke with all the help Devon did. He thought that he needs to pay him back. His new goal was to get Devon's wife.
"P...put them in......the back" Rooke said
The armadas threw us into the back of the ship, The lower part.
It was dark and scandalous! Rats everywhere and just plain disgusting.
"Stay, The ride is about to be over" A armada said
We was in the ceil for the total of 15 minutes. Sanchi was walking around in place back and fourth back and fourth.
"What are you doing" Chun asked
"Planning a escape" Sanchi said
"That's insane, This Rooke guy is a plain Buccaneer!" Chun said

All of a sudden, The doors opened and Rooke came in. Snatching Moresco and Chun
"We'll come for you two soon" Rooke said, Slamming the door.
"What should we do" Sanchez said
"Once they come and get us, We can escape. I am not staying in a prison with these puppet scumbags!" Sanchi said.
Then everything became quiet and two armadas came in. Sanchi and Sanchez hid where the doors will open.
"T...time for your ceil" Armada said
And matter of seconds Sanchi jumped on one of the armada's back trying to grab the riffle.
"Attack" The other armada said but Sanchez tackled out, Pulling the riffle from him.
Sanchi finally got the riffle and pointed it at the armada. While Sanchez still trying to get his.
"Move and you'll get not just a bruise in your head" Sanchi said "And you other armada punk, Drop the riffle and give it to the boy" Sanchi said, Holding the riffle up steady. The armada listened and dropped it and Sanchez picked it up and whacked him with it.
"Consider you two lucky, The other armadas that'll get in our ways will get destroyed" Sanchi said.
The two armadas ducked down on the floor and Sanchi and Sanchez left, Closing and locking the door.
"We don't want to trouble, Look for Chun and Moresco. That is it" Sanchez said
They searched the whole entire jail. Not getting noticed at all.
"No sign of them at all" Sanchi said
Sanchez signed and turned around and noticed a locked up door and then heard armadas coming and thought of a great idea.
"We need keys from those armada guards, They have no guns" Sanchez said
"We have guns they don't hold up your riffle and count to three we run out, Point your gun straight at them" Sanchez said.
They ran out, Pointing their's riffles right at their's face
"Drop the sharp weapon" Sanchi said.
One of them did but the other did not
"Yo...you are illegally here, You drop the weapon. I am a guard and it's my duty to take out anyone who comes and not allow to" The armada said
"Drop the weapon and hand us the key" Sanchez said
"No......thanks" It said, Striking at Sanchi
Sanchi luckily duck straight down to the floor and shot his riffle, Hitting him straight in the stomach area. The gun gave a kick. And Sanchi didn't like it and dropped the gun, Picking up the sharp weapon and went to the shot but still alive armada.
"Sorry" Sanchi said, Striking it in the eye
"You want to be next?" Sanchi cried
"Then hand over the keys!" Sanchi yelled, Loud and he was serious
The armada dropped his keys and Sanchi took him out.
"What are you doing, He was following the..."
"Whoever gets in our way, remember that" Sanchi said as he opens the door
And there was LOTS of companions and some are pirates, Sky snakes, Goat monks etc
"Let all them out" Sanchi said
"Why, They'll just slow us down" Sanchez said
"This time, We're going to fight" Sanchi said

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