Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Warrior #3 Awaken

"Yohoho, Talon ye found all th' treasure!" Boochbeard cried
"And you took out Fin crew! No more danger lurking in here" Gandry said
All Pirates was gathered around Sanchez, All cheering, Throwing glasses of Yum at him. He knew he was in heaven. The Pirates was throwing a party for me? Captain Avery is throwing a party for me? Sanchez thought. Amazing! He thought.
"It was just ye, One Pirate defeat all bad & got the treasure" Gandry cried
Sanchez stopped smiling.
"Just me? What? What about Shiruku, Sanchi & Wing Chun died long ago, Remember the ship wreck? Oh what am I saying, Ye was in a coma for a long time!" Boochbeard said.
This did not made since. Sanchez knew this did not made since. Until a heavy weighted Pirate runs in.
"Wake up, Wake up, Are ye ok?"
And then everything became black & blurry & a few seconds later a man, Long grey beard with a hook & two others.
"W-w-what happened?" Sanchez asked
"Ye crashed and caused a lot of damage" He said
"Looks like ye hit into another ship, Sharktooth's ship, Bad damage young pirate" He said
"Where's Chun? Shiruku? Sanchi? Moresco?" Sanchez said
"Don't recall those names, But if they were in the crash, They must be dead" He said
Sanchez was in shock. He got up not saying anything & ran to the pieces of the ships.
"No" Him & his crew cried
"Who are you" Sanchez asked, Before going
"Sharp Devon" He said
"And this is Marty & Lambon" Devon introduced
"Well Devon that was my crew, I am going to look" Sanchez said
Sanchez stumbled off into the destroyed ship. He had no idea which one is. It was for sure destroyed, Pieces everywhere, All crunched up. It was just plain mess

"They didn't make it" Marty said
"Sadly, Now leave the ship" Devon demanded
Sanchez didn't want to, He was looking around & then saw his gun. He ran toward the pistol & picked it up
"How bout you leave" Sanchez said, Pointing his gun at them
"Go ahead, Pull the trigger" He said
Right when he said the word, Sanchez thought about Fin, Taking a life from someone. He dropped his gun.
Then there was a crumple noise, Pieces being moved
"Looks like someone survived" Marty said
They walked toward the pieces that was moving
"Go get help" Sanchez said
And they did, Sanchez all alone. Moved the pieces & it was Sanchi. Breathing hard. He opened his eyes & looked at Sanchez, Swoosh! Sanchi tackled Sanchez.
"You did this" Sanchi said, Holding his sword toward Sanchez's throat
"The crash, That was my ship" Sanchi said
It became silent, Sanchez giving a weird look to Sanchi and Sanchi still breathing hard was looking at him. He took a deep breathe & threw his sword & got up
"Fin is defeated" Sanchez said
Sanchi looked at Sanchez & kicked him hard
"So is our crew!" Sanchez cried
"Over here" Devon cried
"Hide" Sanchi said
"No wait they're good, They're trying to help us" Sanchez said & pulled Sanchi out of the scraps
"A ninja & Musketeer, Har har" Marty joked
Sanchi looked at Sanchez & then at the sword. Sanchez whispered "Don't" But he didn't listen & ran as fast as he could and picked up the sword
"Get out of our way and nobody gets hurt" Sanchi cried
But they did not listened, Instead they all laughed and pulled out their's weapons

"Drop it" Devon said
"Not worth it" Lambon said
Sanchez dropped his weapon.
"My....My crew is down here somewhere" Sanchi said
He must not only be talking about Moresco, But Shiruku & Wun.
"I need to look for them and then head back toward Mooshu" Sanchi said, Limping around the ship, Lurking.
"You need to rest" Devon stated
"Quiet, I know what I am doing" Sanchi said
"This is a serious wreck" He said "Two ships collided"
Sanchi didn't listen and still searched
"It's getting dark, Marty and Lambon go rest I'll stay here with these Pirates" Devon said and they went away.
"I have a warm place" Devon said "And I can help you search for whatever you're looking for"
Sanchi looked at him strangely and just dropped down.
"It's okay, he will be fine, help me pick him up and take him to my place" Devon said.
Sanchez knew he needed the rest so he did and both of him lifted him up and walked to Devon's house.
They went inside the house, Sanchez dropped Sanchi on a warm bed.
"I'm sorry but I just had to ask, How did you crashed? Did ye had too much Yum?" Devon joked
"We were attacked by a shark tooth name Fin Dorsal" Sanchez said, Sitting down
"The Fin Dorsal? That pain!" Devon said
"But Deacon is our problem here" Devon said, Walking toward his room and snatching his picture of him and his wife
"That's me wife, Deacon & the Armada took her away from me" He said.
All of a sudden, the bed started to shake and Sanchi was awake
"What happened where..." He stopped and heard noises
"Oh no the Armada is here" Devon said ducking down
"They check every night to make sure there is no Buccaneers, Privateers, Witchdoctors, Musketeers and swashbucklers crimes" Devon said

Sanchi didn't like it and he got up and walked out
"Buccaneer!" Armada cried and pulled out their's gun
"Not going to jail this time" Sanchi said & attacked the armadas
Loud noises was being make but they kept missing, Sanchi took out 2 armadas and there is 5 left. Sanchi jumped in the air and luckily sliced 3 more. And of the armada brought out his's rifle & point it at Sanchi.
"You're to prison" He said
"D.....dr....drop the......weapon" Another armada soldier said
But Sanchi did not listened instead he raised his sword and the armada cocked their's gun & bout to pull the trigger
"Raise it down!" They said
Boom! Two gun shots fired. Whole place is silent with other Pirates going outside to hear what's up and a matter of seconds the remaining two armadas feel to the ground. Sanchi was in shocked and took a glance at Sanchez & Devon.
"Get inside and hide now" Devon said, Picking up the armadas' bodies.
"What were you thinking" Sanchez cried
"That was completely stupid and a bad choice" Sanchez said
"I'm leaving this place alone" Sanchi said
"But what about Shiruku" Sanchez said.
Devon opened the door and got in quick.
"Everyone knows about the armadas everyone here" Devon said
"Tomorrow I'll pack ye up and can try to get a ship, But be aware tomorrow night, The armadas will be here, Just hide this time" Devon said, Seriously
Next morning they started to look for some help with ships. Well Devon and his man did while Sanchi & Sanchez was searching for clues about their's crew
"This is hopeless" Sanchez said
"Well if you would of put a bullet in Fin faster this wouldn't of happened, Why are you complaining this was my ship and Moresco" Sanchi cried
Sanchez ignored that comment and turned around and noticed something.
"Sanchi come here look at this!"

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