Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post of the year (101 post)

     2012 is about to leave our world and a 2013 is coming in!!!
Say goodbye to 2012 and say hello to the wonderful and non world ending 2013 :) All the bad memories of 2012 is under our feet and all the wonderful memories are above us shining bright! Get prepare for all the memories for 2013. Haven't the year went by fast? I had lots and lots of memories of AoTS during 2012...Which is 5 month and 13 days but I think it's pretty long and I can't wait to remember this post in May/August
On May I was deciding to make a blog or not and I decided not to because of all the hard work and I wanted to work on my Wizard101 character
On July. Edward Lifegem, Autumn Dreamwalker, Blaze Shadowhorn and lots of more inspired me to blog
On August one of my pals Blaze Shadowhorn help me create AoTS. Headers, backgrounds etc and I started to blog about Wizard101 and created my first hunt called "Gnome hunt" I also created Pet/Spell of the week and I made it to 10 followers (Which was a big goal for new bloggers lol) 
On September  I started to blog about Pirate101 and Wizard101 and 
On October, I started my first series call "Pumpkid" and "Plant goes dead" 
On November, I created my first contest named "Whats in the chest" Which was a raffle and 137 people joined and Jessica Stormblade won (Congratz ;)
I wasn't the best blogger back then with all the short posts I posted but I improved over the experience ...But I still stink at photos ;) 
Blog posts:
First post:                         
                               First header on AoTS (Made by Blaze Shadowhorn) August 7th 2012

          Have a great new years everyone!
                     -Blaze & David

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