Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Warrior #5 Taken down

Meanwhile, 4 armadas, Ruk, Deah, Heldreth and Zon heading to the ceils, Where Sanchi and Sanchez escaped at. Errrrrrk noises was made as the ceil opened.
"T....thank you....For for saving us....they...they got.....away" One of them said
"Ex...exact reason why we......he...heard g.....g..gun shots, They escaped" Heldreth said
"Tell Rooke and warn the....the"
"No can tell him that they're gone...but we can kill them....Look for them" Deah suggested
"Ruk, come" Deah said
"I'll....I shall take.....Heldreth" Zon said.
The four of them went different aways. Looking for Sanchi and Sanchez. Not telling Rooke anything. Ruk and Deah went to the left of the prison where Sanchi took out 2 of their's guards.
"Bodies....two of them" Ruk said
"The door is opened" Dead cried
Meanwhile Sanchi and Sanchez got the companions and pirates to the top of the prison. Sanchez went with them, While Sanchi did not and he went to the left to find Rooke and end this mess.
"They....broke out every prisoner" Ruk said.
Sanchi rushed and right when he turned the corner he saw Ruk and Deah, Looking around. They know. Sanchi thought. Must end this once and for all. Sanchi said and turned the corner in front of the armadas.
"Hi" Sanchi said
They heard Sanchi and turned around right away aiming their's riffle steady.
"There is one of the scum....scumbags" Deah said
"Dr.....drop the weapon I would love to was........waste a was a goo....good use" Ruk said
Sanchi walked slowly holding his weapon low, Not so far off the ground
"Ok, Easy there let me just give you the wea...pon!" Sanchi said and matter of seconds he turned, Striking Deah and kicking Ruk away
"" Deah stopped, Destroyed
"That could of been you" Sanchi teased "Where is Rooke at, I know you know"
" away any positions" Ruk said
"Alright guess I can keep you alive, Get" Sanchi said
"I will find Rooke and I will make sure I tell who told me if you don't tell me" Sanchi said
"On his ship, At the dock with two monsters, a crane and..."
Sanchi took him out. Meanwhile Heldreth and Zon scouting all over the place and no signs. But they kept hearing noises, Every step they make it gets louder and louder, They were at the top where Sanchez and the rest was at.
"Prisoners are here" Zon said
They saw all of them, Not one with a weapon beside Sanchez a riffle that was about to run out of bullets. Zon stepped out and went in holding his riffle and aiming at Sanchez
"Ha...hands up" Zon said and they all listened
Heldreth came out with his riffle steady at all of them, Ready to fire "The leader of this come here or you all die"
Sanchez walked up with the sharp weapon holding it. "Drop it"
Sanchez dropped it and looked straight at them in the eyes.
"Ready for your fall" Zon said
"No we must take them to Rooke" Heldreth argued
"No....Kill...him" Zon said
"You...idiotic puppet" Heldreth said
"I am..commander of th..this" Zon said
"No I am" Heldreth said
"" Zon said
"Not anymore" Heldreth said
Heldreth cocked his gun and fired at Zon in head, destroying him.
"You come" Heldreth said
"No, He's coming with me" Bing! the crowbar knocked out Heldreth, Leaving him there as he picks up his riffle
"Who...who are you?" Sanchez asked

"Anthony Sharp" He introduced
"You must of been a prisoner" He said
"Half of that is true" Sanchez said
"I know a place where you can escape" Anthony said, Opening the back door
"I can't leave all these people behind, And my crew is still here somewhere" Sanchez said
"No cap'n leave us, We will stay here and do what we can to take over this mess and end it" Someone said from the crowd
Anthony led the way through the prison. While Sanchi not far away from Rooke
"They took out my 4 commanders, And now they are escaping, The prisoners just took out 3 guards and not one guard took out them, This is a diaster, We need to find them. But I know the secret weapon" Rooke said, Staring at Wing chun and Moresco as they are tied up. Sanchi noticed him and he looks at the cameras and saw the prisoners taking out Armadas he smiled and laugh and got up, Ready to fight Rooke. Sanchi got closer and closer to Rooke but he noticed he had 3 guards in there and he knew he could not take that much at the same time. He took a secretly glance around the room and notice something. It looks like a charger something these armada needs, Including Rooke.
That remote, is what I need. Sanchi thought to his self and started to saunter in the room, Trying to reach the charger.
"We don't want no survivers" Rooke said "How many soldiers do we have"
"Not enough to take out everyone" Armada man said.
"Kane will not like this at all" Rooke stated "Wait, Where are the commanders?" Rooke asked
" reply....from them"
Rooke was furious and he slammed his fist down on the table, Splitting it in half.
Sanchi spied on their's whole conversation, It interest him a little but not whole lot. He was close to the controller, Sanchi crawled and crawled and finally reached it! Then he stood up holding it and Rooke and the man noticed them.
"Freeze or all of you guys will regret this" Sanchi said
The whole entire place was silent and then Rooke laughed "Fool! Press the button it's just a charger it won't hurt any of us"
Sanchi felt foolish, Now it was only up to Sanchez.

"This place was fulled of armadas, Until you guys came" Anthony smiled.
"I can't leave this place I must find my crew" Sanchez said, Turning around
"Wait" Anthony said and Sanchez stopped for a second.
"I can't leave alone here, Lemme help you" Anthony said
"Too risky you can go to your family" Sanchez suggested
"They are gone, Long gone by Bishop" Anthony said
"Bishop?" Sanchez said in confusion.
Both of them went to the front of the prison, Nothing beside a couple of armadas. They searched the whole prison until Anthony noticed armadas, Holding three prisoners. "Get down" Anthony said.
The armadas had Wing Chun, Moresco and coming from the back, Deacon having a holt of. Sanchi
Sanchez knew he couldn't of do anything. He knew he was doomed, Even though he was with Anthony and the other pirates were somewhere else he knew he could not defeat him.
"Any plans cap'n?" Anthony asked but Sanchez didn't answered. Instead he turned right around and headed where Rooke and his man was going at. They went upstairs and noticed a Armada commander, He knew it was Heldreth.
"Heldreth you failed me" Rooke said
" they.....let....." Heldreth stopped and picked up his riffle
"We....we can.....fight....fight" Heldreth suggested.
"Rooke is a dangerous armada, Not like Kane but he is very tough buccaneer, He can tear you into pieces and he will if you get in his way" Anthony warned
Then it hit Sanchez! He had an amazing plan but for it to work, He'll need Armadas two or more.
"Follow me" Sanchez said, Heading back to the ceils.
"What is your plan" Anthony asked
"Armadas, Dress up as one" Sanchez said
Sanchez went to two destroyed armadas and took their's mask off.
"Put this on" Sanchez said, Handing the mask toward Anthony
both of them was dressed up as armadas and headed toward Rooke.

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