Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Warrior #2 Shipwreck

"Why do we need to go to Mooshu? Cool ranch storm gate isn't so far" Sanchez said
"My master can help you" Sanchi said.
The ship was soaring in the skyways trying to avoid danger Sanchi steering carefully. Sanchez at the front of the ship looking at various ship wreck parts & other Pirate ships. It's hard to believe to see this skyway fill with monsters, Storm sharks etc. Sanchez thought. Chun was in the Bilge, Or Sanchi likes to prefer the medical room. Keeping an eye on Shiruku.
"Got a long way" Sanchi said
"Thank you for everything" Sanchez said. Greatful that he survived.
But he was still wondering, Why will he take us to Mooshu? Somewhere far away from Skull island.
We are not even in Port Regal yet. Sanchez thought.
Sanchez was impatience, Waiting till he sees a Storm gate & in a couple of minutes if he doesn't see one, He was gonna go crazy.
"How long is this ride?" Sanchez asked
"If you keep complaining 3 hours" Sanchi said
Sanchez rolled his eyes & went down to the Bilge to check on Shiruku.
"Is everything okay?" Sanchez asked
"It's okay" Chun said
"You have a lot of patience" Sanchez said
"I'm okay" Chun said. Still keeping his eye on Shiruku.
"Yeah, That's...great" Sanchez said. Out of words.

BOOM! A sharktooth ship rammed right into Sanchi's ship, Taking many pieces off of it.
"We're attacked" Sanchi said, Pulling out his sword.
Both of the ships stopped and a bridge from the other ship fell across Sanchi's ship. A dozen sharktooth came running on the ship.
"Go to the medical room, Lock the doors" Sanchi said
Cling cling, Sharktooth & Sanchi was battling. Couple of seconds later, A Sharktooth came onto the ship. And Sanchi knew who he was & started to charge toward him. Bam! Their's weapons smack together. Sharktooths was coming toward Sanchi, He was out numbered.
"Moresco!" Sanchi cried
Moresco came flying out with pebbles, Throwing them at the sharktooths. It didn't help at all. "Ha ha!" The sharktooths laughed. Which made Moresco angry. Bam! While the sharktooths was all laughing, Not paying attention Sanchi took out 4 of them, Leaving 6 left.
"Give up" The Sharktooth commander said.
"What is happening?" Shiruku asked
"Under attack by a dozen of sharktooths & one looks like he is a commander of the crew" Sanchez said
"Fin, Fin Dorsal" Chun said
"He is a nasty sharktooths, He took out so many Pirate ships, He has a crew call the nasty Sharks" Shiruku said
"Unbelievable" Chun said
"We have to help him" Shiruku said
"We can, You stay" Chun said
Cling cling, Sanchi was fighting the sharktooths, Knocking 3 more out. Now it's just Fin & 3 of his man.
Slice! Fin knocked out Sanchi sword
"Foolish pirate!" Fin laughed
Bam! Moresco knocked out a Sharktooth
"Ah, Your pet" Fin teased
"Come down & surrender or your captain gets it" Fin said
The sharktooth got up, Behind Moresco and grabbed him, Holding him tightly & almost impossible to escape.
"You two, Go get the rest from the Bilge, Have no mercy" Fin said
The two sharktooths walk down & opened the door. Swoosh! Chun flipped over one of the sharktooths, Breaking him through the ship
"Freeze, If you move or talk, You will be dead" Sanchez said, Pointing his small pistol with only 3 bullets in.
"Tie him up" Chun said

They walked up quietly & carefully
"There is Fin" Chun said
"He looks dangerous" Sanchez said
"That's what he wants us to think" Chun said
Fin & his man was tying up Sanchi & Moresco
"Ready captain?" A sharktooth said
"Yes drop..."
Boom! Gun shots fired, Hitting the sharktooths, Who was holding the rope, Both dropping down
"Noo" Chung said, Running toward the roping. Luckily grabbed it, But he was falling
"Freeze" Sanchez said, Pointing his pistol toward Fin
"Shoot me, Go ahead looks like you have the nerves to as I see" Fin said
"Sanchez help" Chun said, Hanging off the boat, Holding tight to the rope
"Leave the boat & don't come back" Sanchez said
Fin didn't listened, He just started to laugh.
"If you was a real pirate you would take me out" Fin teased
"Wait of course you're not a real pirate, You couldn't handle troggies, None of you can Ye ain't no Pirate, Ye ain't no Musketeer, Come pull the..."
Pow! Sanchez shot, Hitting Fin in the chest.
"Sanchez help" Chun cried
Sanchez didn't move, He was in shocked
The sharktooths boat & Sanchi's both are colliding into a island
Boom! Both ships collided into a island, Knocking everyone off.

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