Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A happy 12/12/12 interview with Edward Lifegem

Blaze: Hello Edward, Let's get started today, You have a amazing blog called Around the spiral with Edward Lifegem (ATSWEL) How does it feel becoming official? 

Edward: Hello well it feels great really :) It's been a huge goal to become a Pirate101 fansite for the past few months. I submitted three times.

Blaze: Incredible! Any goal or plans you have for ATSWEL?

Edward: Thank you! I have a lot of goals for around the spiral. One of them is to make a video blog for huge updates, Such as worlds on Wizard101 and Pirate101! It may take a lot more time to make them but it really does sound like a fun project for Around the Spiral!

Blaze:Nice goals! For sure you're going to make it :) Now you have a P101 character, Tell us about him? 

Edward: Yes, my Pirate has the most piratey (don't know if that's a word) name, EDWARD, LOL well maybe not :) I created him in October during the one-week headstart for Pirate101. I didn't know what school I needed to create, so I created a witchdoctor since friendly said he had a witchdoctor. I've been questing on him ever since and its been a lot of fun questing with witchdoctor. He's currently level 50 waiting for the next world to be release

Blaze: Amazing, Witchdoctors are pretty amazing. Do you have any favorite pets, Worlds, Etc in both games W101 & P101?

Edward: My favorite worlds in Wizard101 and Pirate101 are both Mooshu! It connects with my life character :) I love the goats, they are awesome :D My favorite Pet on Pirate101 is the Buffaloon, I hear bad things about the real buffaloon but it doesn't mean the pet is bad :) My favorite Wizard pet is the Efreet. He is EPIC, it sounds weird coming from a life wizard doesn't it? :)

Blaze: Thank you Ed! Happy sailings

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