Friday, August 24, 2012

Spell/Pet of the week!

Spell of the week: Raging Kraken (Ice Kraken)
I always loved Raging Kraken because Kraken is my  favorite spell & pet and blue is my favorite color so perfect match xD & when I had a Storm back in 2010 I always felt so excited for casting it .                                      

Pet of the week: Pet Egg

You guys might of heard the pet "Egg" Just an Egg with Legs. The Egg arrive to W101 in 2010 for Easter! Lots of Eggs have talents such as the famous Mark SwiftGem's Pet egg "RIO" 

Favorite snacks: Cranberry frog
Crunch Apple
Dragomhorned Melon 
Frosted Drake cereal 
Green grapes

Bought: Only Holidays in Shopping District 

Vendor: EggBert

Talents: Pips O'plenty 
Mana gift
Ice giver
Ice proof
Ice trap
Health gift

Amounts: 2,000 crowns

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